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Scope note

This class comprises activities of taking a sample and measuring or analyzing it as one managerial unit of activity, in which the sample may not be identified and preserved beyond the context of this activity. Instances of this class are constrained to describe the taking of exactly one sample, in general not further identified, and the dimensions observed by the respective measurement are implicitly understood to describe this particular sample as representative of the place on the instance of S10 Material Substantial from which the sample was taken. Therefore the class S3 Measurement by Sampling inherits the properties of S2 Sample Taking.O3 sampled from: S10 Material Substantial and O4 sampled at: E53 Place, and the properties of S21(E16) Measurement.P40 observed dimension: E54 Dimension, due to multiple inheritance, whereas it needs not instantiate the properties O5 removed: S13 Sample and O24 measured: S15 Observable Entity, if the sample is not documented beyond the context of the activity.