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Scope note

This class comprises instances of E59 Primitive Value for spacetime volumes that should be implemented with appropriate validation, precision, interval logic and reference systems to express date ranges and geometries relevant to cultural documentation. A Spacetime Volume Expression may consist of one expression including temporal and spatial information like in GML or a different form of expressing spacetime in an integrated way like a formula containing all 4 dimensions. A Spacetime Volume Expression defines a SP7 Declarative Spacetime Volume, which means that the identity of the Spacetime Volume is derived from its geometric and temporal definition. This declarative Spacetime Volume allows for the application of all Spacetime Volume properties to relate phenomenal Spacetime Volumes of Periods and Physical Things to propositions about their spatial and temporal extents. Examples: • Spatial and temporal information in KML for the maximum extent of the Byzantine Empire • a spacetime volume expressed in Geography Markup Language (GML) defining the spatial extent of France from 1792-1816 giving one spatial extent for each year