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Scope note

This class comprises definitions of places by quantitative expressions. An instance of SP5 Geometric Place Expression can be seen as a prescription of how to find the location meant by this expression in the real world (S), which is based on measuring where the quantities referred to in the expression lead to, beginning from the reference points of the respective reference system. A form of expression may be geometries or map elements defined in a SP4 Spatial Coordinate Reference System that unambiguously identify locations in a SP3 Reference Space. Other forms may refer to areas confined by imaginary lines connecting Phenomenal Places such as trees, islands, cities, mountain tops. The identity of a SP5 Place Expression is based on its script or symbolic form (I). Several SP5 Place Expressions can denote the same SP6 Declarative Place. Instances of SP5 Geometric Place Expressions that exist in one SP4 Spatial Coordinate Reference System can be transformed to geometries in other SP4 Spatial Coordinate Reference System if there is a known and valid transformation. The product of the transformation in general defines a new instance of SP6 Declarative Place, albeit close to the source of the transformation. This can be due to distortions resulting from the transformation and the limited precision by which the relative position of the reference points differing between the respective reference systems are determined.      Examples: • Coordinate Information in GML like <gml:Point gml:id="p21" srsName="http://www.opengis.net/def/crs/EPSG/0/4326"> <gml:coordinates>45.67, 88.56</gml:coordinates> </gml:Point> • a polygon defining the extent of France