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Scope note


This property expresses the generic notion of participation of a persistent item in a temporal entity, the fact that the persistent item takes part in the temporal entity or is affected by it. In an abstract perspective a temporal entity (be this a phenomenon in the geographical, social or intellectual space) is something happening in time and involving one or more persistent items.

This high level property has no direct instances but is useful to subsume all subproperties and descendant properties that play the same role in specific temporal entities.

In some cases, other temporal entities can also be associated (in the range position) using this property, e.g. events in the case of a participation. As a best practice, for the sake of unambiguity, the concerned or main temporal entity is always the domain and the participating is the range of this property (e.g. the participation of a person in an event is the domain and the event itself is the range).