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This property associates an instance of F22 Self-Contained Expression with an instance of F1 Work. This property expresses the association that exists between an expression (F22) and the work that this expression conveys. The semantics of the association will be different depending on what specific subtype of F1 Work the work is an instance of. If the work is an instance of F14 Individual Work, the F22 Self-Contained Expression completely conveys the individual work. If the work is an instance of F15 Complex Work, the F22 Self-Contained Expression conveys an alternative member of the complex work. Our factual knowledge of how a given work is realised into an expression is often limited and this property makes it possible to express the association between instances of F22 Self-Contained Expression and the work it conveys without using the more developed paths. The property R3.1 has type: E55 Type allows for specifying the role played by the referred to expression in the overall bibliographic history of the work (e.g., ‘progenitor expression’, on which all other expressions of the same work are based; ‘reference for canonical citations’, in the sense of the HuCit ontology developed by Matteo Romanello and Michele Pasin; ‘earliest draft’, ‘intermediate draft’, ‘final clean draft’, ‘princeps edition’, etc.). en WIP


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F1 Work → R3 is realised in → F22 Self-Contained Expression


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