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This property associates a publication, i.e. an instance of F3 Manifestation Product Type, with an instance of E54 Dimension, which all exemplars of that publication should have, as long as they are recognised as exemplars of that publication. Typically, this property is observed on one exemplar of a publication, and extrapolated to all other exemplars of the same publication. This logical inference is an induction along the path that can be modelled as: F3 Manifestation Product Type R7i has example F5 Item P39i was measured by E16 Measurement P40 observed dimension E54 Dimension. It can happen that a given exemplar, or subset of exemplars, originally produced, or intended to be produced, with that characteristic, accidentally lacks it. This fact should be recorded as a property of F5 Item, and not of F3 Manifestation Product Type. en WIP


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The publication entitled ‘Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: final report’, published by K. G. Saur in 1998, identified by ISBN ‘3-598-11382-X’ (F3) CLP43 shouldhave dimension height of the individual copy of ‘Functional Requirements for Bibliographic Records: final report’ that I have at hand and that I observed while describing it (E54) P3 has note ‘24 cm’ (E62) [or, alternatively: P90 has value ‘24’ (E60) and P91 has unit ‘cm’ (E58)] en WIP
The jigsaw puzzle entitled ‘Map of the New York city subway system’, designed by Stephen J. Voorhies and released around 1954 by the Union Dimes Savings Bank (F3) CLP43 should have dimension length and height of the exemplar held and catalogued by the Library of Congress (E54) P3 has note ‘46 x 29 cm’ (E62) en WIP

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F3 Manifestation Product Type → CLP43 should have dimension → E54 Dimension


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