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This property identifies the E39 Actor who holds the instances of E30 Right to an E72 Legal Object. It is a superproperty of P52 has current owner (is current owner of) because ownership is a right that is held on the owned object. P105 right held by (has right on) is a shortcut of the fully developed path from E72 Legal Object through P104 is subject to (applies to), E30 Right, P75 possesses (is possessed by) to E39 Actor. en WIP


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Domain and range

E72 Legal Object → P105 right held by → E39 Actor


Label Language Last updated
Rechte stehen zu de 2018-09-14
δικαίωμα κατέχεται από el 2018-09-14
right held by en 2018-09-14
droit détenu par fr 2018-09-14
são direitos de pt 2018-09-14
право принадлежит ru 2018-09-14
有权限持有者 zh 2018-09-14


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http://www.cidoc-crm.org/cidoc-crm/base/6/2/ 2019-01-16

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topObjectProperty http://www.w3.org/2002/07/owl#

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P52 has current owner 1 CIDOC CRM

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