was death of – P100

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This property property links an E69 Death event to the E21 Person that died. en WIP


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Domain and range

E69 Death → P100 was death of → E21 Person  (Quantifiers 1,1:1,1)


Label Language Last updated
Tod von de 2018-09-14
ήταν θάνατος του/της el 2018-09-14
was death of en 2018-09-14
a été la mort de fr 2018-09-14
foi a morte para pt 2018-09-14
был смертью для ru 2018-09-14
灭亡了 zh 2018-09-14


Namespace URI Last updated
http://www.cidoc-crm.org/cidoc-crm/base/6/2/ 2019-01-23

Parent properties (was death of – P100 rdfs:subpropertyOf this property)

Property identifier Explanation Root namespace View association
took out of existence – P93 http://www.cidoc-crm.org/cidoc-crm/base/

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P12 occurred in the presence of 2 CIDOC CRM
topObjectProperty 3 The OWL 2 SCHEMA vocabulary(OWL 2)

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geoVistory Basic Profile 2019-02-19