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This property describes the spatial location of an instance of E4 Period. The related E53 Place should be seen as an approximation of the geographical area within which the phenomena that characterise the period in question occurred. P7took place at (witnessed) does not convey any meaning other than spatial positioning (generally on the surface of the earth). For example, the period "Révolution française" can be said to have taken place in “France”, the “Victorian” period, may be said to have taken place in “Britain” and its colonies, as well as other parts of Europe and north America. A period can take place at multiple locations. It is a shortcut of the more fully developed path from E4 Period through P161 has spatial projection, E53 Place, P89 falls within (contains) to E53 Place. en WIP


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Domain and range

E4 Period → P7 took place at → E53 Place


Label Language Last updated
fand statt in de 2018-09-14
έλαβε χώρα σε el 2018-09-14
took place at en 2018-09-14
a eu lieu dans fr 2018-09-14
ocorreu em pt 2018-09-14
совершался на ru 2018-09-14
发生地在 zh 2018-09-14


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