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Associe un ou plusieurs objets qui spécifient le type de décision fr WIP


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Domain and range

TyIn125 Décision (administrative, judiciaire) → qualifier_|_Décision_(administrative,_judiciaire) → Obj Object


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http://symogih.org/ontology/1/3/ongoing 2019-01-16

Parent properties (qualifier_|_Décision_(administrative,_judiciaire) rdfs:subpropertyOf this property)

Property identifier Explanation Root namespace View association
qualifier_TyRo95 http://symogih.org/ontology/

Ancestor properties

Property identifier Depth Root namespace
histP1 involves 3 Data for history
topObjectProperty 4 The OWL 2 SCHEMA vocabulary(OWL 2)
objectRole 2 symogih.org ontology

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