was ended by (ended) – socP16

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This property associates the end of an instance of E101 Intention to Apply with an explicit activity or event terminating it. Often, the termination of the ‘intention to apply’ is implicit in the realization of the activity plan. In some cases, it may be silently forgotten. en WIP


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Storing MS Greek 418 into its new phase box (E7 Activity) ends the intention to conserve it en WIP

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Domain and range

socE Intention to Apply → socP16 was ended by (ended) → E5 Event  (Quantifiers 0,1:0,n)


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was ended by (ended) en 2019-02-05


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http://www.cidoc-crm.org/cidoc-crm/CRMsoc/0/1/ongoing 2019-01-24

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