assigned attribute to – P140

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This property indicates the item to which an attribute or relation is assigned. en WIP


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Domain and range

E13 Attribute Assignment → P140 assigned attribute to → E1 CRM Entity


Label Language Last updated
wies Merkmal zu de 2018-09-14
απέδωσε ιδιότητα σε el 2018-09-14
assigned attribute to en 2018-09-14
a affecté un attribut à fr 2018-09-14
atribuiu atributo para pt 2018-09-14
присвоил атрибут для ru 2018-09-14
指定属性给 zh 2018-09-14


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P34 concerned 1 CIDOC CRM
P39 measured 1 CIDOC CRM
P41 classified 1 CIDOC CRM

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