created type – P135

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This property identifies the E55 Type, which is created in an E83Type Creation activity. en WIP


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Domain and range

E83 Type Creation → P135 created type → E55 Type


Label Language Last updated
erschuf Typus de 2018-09-14
δημιούργησε τύπο el 2018-09-14
created type en 2018-09-14
a créé le type fr 2018-09-14
criou tipo pt 2018-09-14
создал тип ru 2018-09-14
创造了类型 zh 2018-09-14


Namespace URI Last updated 2019-01-23

Parent properties (created type – P135 rdfs:subpropertyOf this property)

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has created – P94

Ancestor properties

Property identifier Depth Root namespace
P12 occurred in the presence of 3 CIDOC CRM
P92 brought into existence 2 CIDOC CRM
topObjectProperty 4 The OWL 2 SCHEMA vocabulary(OWL 2)

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