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This property generalises the notions of "copy of" and "similar to" into a dynamic, asymmetric relationship, where the domain expresses the derivative, if such a direction can be established. Otherwise, the relationship is symmetric. It is a short-cut of P15 was influenced by (influenced) in a creation or production, if such a reason for the similarity can be verified. Moreover it expresses similarity in cases that can be stated between two objects only, without historical knowledge about its reasons. en WIP


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E70 Thing → P130 shows features of → E70 Thing


Label Language Last updated
zeigt Merkmale von de 2018-09-14
παρουσιάζει χαρακτηριστικά του/της el 2018-09-14
shows features of en 2018-09-14
présente des caractéristiques de fr 2018-09-14
apresenta características de pt 2018-09-14
демонстрирует признаки ru 2018-09-14
外观特征原出现於 zh 2018-09-14


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P65 shows visual item 2 CIDOC CRM
P73 has translation 1 CIDOC CRM
P128 carries 1 CIDOC CRM

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