used object of type – P125

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This property defines the kind of objects used in an E7 Activity, when the specific instance is either unknown or not of interest, such as use of "a hammer". en WIP


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E7 Activity → P125 used object of type → E55 Type


Label Language Last updated
benutzte Objekt des Typus de 2018-09-14
χρησιμοποίησε αντικείμενο τύπου el 2018-09-14
used object of type en 2018-09-14
a employé un objet du type fr 2018-09-14
usou objeto do tipo pt 2018-09-14
использовал объект типа ru 2018-09-14
有使用物件类型 zh 2018-09-14


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P32 used general technique 1 CIDOC CRM
histP23 has argument method 2 Data for history

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