occurred in the presence of – P12

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This property describes the active or passive presence of an E77 Persistent Item in an E5 Event without implying any specific role. It connects the history of a thing with the E53 Place and E50 Date of an event. For example, an object may be the desk, now in a museum on which a treaty was signed. The presence of an immaterial thing implies the presence of at least one of its carriers. en WIP


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Domain and range

E5 Event → P12 occurred in the presence of → E77 Persistent Item


Label Language Last updated
fand statt im Beisein von de 2018-09-14
συνέβη παρουσία του/της el 2018-09-14
occurred in the presence of en 2018-09-14
est arrivé en présence de fr 2018-09-14
ocorreu na presença de pt 2018-09-14
появился в присутствии ru 2018-09-14
发生现场存在 zh 2018-09-14


Namespace URI Last updated
http://www.cidoc-crm.org/cidoc-crm/base/6/2/ 2019-01-16

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topObjectProperty http://www.w3.org/2002/07/owl#

Ancestor properties

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Childs and descendant properties

Property identifier Depth Root namespace
P11 had participant 1 CIDOC CRM
P13 destroyed 2 CIDOC CRM
P14 carried out by 2 CIDOC CRM
P16 used specific object 1 CIDOC CRM
P22 transferred title to 3 CIDOC CRM
P23 transferred title from 3 CIDOC CRM
P25 moved 1 CIDOC CRM
P28 custody surrendered by 3 CIDOC CRM
P29 custody received by 3 CIDOC CRM
P31 has modified 1 CIDOC CRM
P33 used specific technique 2 CIDOC CRM
P92 brought into existence 1 CIDOC CRM
P93 took out of existence 1 CIDOC CRM
P94 has created 2 CIDOC CRM
P95 has formed 2 CIDOC CRM
P96 by mother 2 CIDOC CRM
P98 brought into life 2 CIDOC CRM
P99 dissolved 2 CIDOC CRM
P99 dissolved 2 CIDOC CRM
P100 was death of 2 CIDOC CRM
P108 has produced 2 CIDOC CRM
P108 has produced 2 CIDOC CRM
P110 augmented 2 CIDOC CRM
P111 added 1 CIDOC CRM
P111 added 2 CIDOC CRM
P112 diminished 2 CIDOC CRM
P113 removed 1 CIDOC CRM
P123 resulted in 2 CIDOC CRM
P124 transformed 2 CIDOC CRM
P135 created type 3 CIDOC CRM
P142 used constituent 2 CIDOC CRM
P143 joined 2 CIDOC CRM
P144 joined with 2 CIDOC CRM
P145 separated 2 CIDOC CRM
P146 separated from 2 CIDOC CRM
P151 was formed from 2 CIDOC CRM

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