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This property indicates that one E2 Temporal Entity immediately follows another. It implies a particular order between the two entities: if A meets in time with B, then A must precede B. This property is only necessary if the relevant time spans are unknown (otherwise the relationship can be calculated). This property is the same as the "meets / met-by" relationships of Allen’s temporal logic (Allen, 1983, pp. 832-843). en WIP


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E2 Temporal Entity → P119 meets in time with → E2 Temporal Entity


Label Language Last updated
trifft zeitlich auf de 2018-09-14
προηγείται el 2018-09-14
meets in time with en 2018-09-14
est temporellement contiguë avec fr 2018-09-14
é temporalmente contíguo com pt 2018-09-14
следует во времени за ru 2018-09-14
紧接续了 zh 2018-09-14


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