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This property associates an instance of F31 Performance with a product of the mind that was performed in the course of that instance of F31 Performance. According to the level of knowledge available about the performance, the range of this property can actually be specialised as either an instance of F1 Work (if nothing is known as to which specific expression of the work was performed), or of F2 Expression (if there is a reasonable amount of certainty as to which specific expression—e.g., a well identified translation of a play—of the work was performed). In addition to being a subproperty of P16 used specific object (was used for), this property also is a shortcut of the fully developed path that goes from F31 Performance to F1 Work through: R25 performed F25 Performance Plan P165 incorporates F22 Self-Contained Expression R3i realises. In this fully developed path, the specific instance of F22 Self-Contained Expression can be precisely identified and described for its own sake, or it can just be known to have necessarily existed. en WIP


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F31 Performance → R66 included performed version of → E89 Propositional Object


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